Recite Me March 2018 Newsletter Recite Me March 2018 Newsletter

Recite Me March 2018 Newsletter

Posted on: by Andy Syson

We've had a busy month here at Recite Me, and to document it all we're relaunching our monthly newsletter. In this issue, we're welcoming new clients to the Recite Me family, recapping on some recent industry events, and discussing the big news and current events within the accessibility world. You can also find helpful contacts and resources at the end of this newsletter if yourself or someone you know may need support for dyslexia, disabilities, or any other visual impairment. 

So grab a cuppa, read on, and we'll be back here in April with more exciting updates! 

Industry News: 

The Silent Child wins Oscar

At the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday 4th March, British actors Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton took home an Oscar for their short film, The Silent Child.

The film follows a deaf four-year-old who lives in silence until a social worker teaches her how to communicate. Paying tribute to the film’s lead actress, Rachel Shenton also delivered her acceptance speech in sign language, adding, “This is happening. Millions of children all over the world live in silence and face communication barriers. Deafness is a silent disability.” Rachel’s speech has become one of the most talked-about moments of this year’s Oscars, and we hope this will lead to an even bigger conversation surrounding accessibility and disability awareness.

Physicist Stephen Hawking Passes Away

Professor Stephen Hawking died at his home in Cambridge on March 14th at the age of 76. The renowned scientist made complex theoretical physics and cosmology accessible to the masses through his book, A Brief History Through Time. Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease when he was just 21 and given an estimated two years to live. Throughout his life and career, Hawking became an iconic figure for the disability community, often raising awareness on disability charities and assistive technologies. He is an inspiration to us all on how to prosper despite how challenging life can sometimes be.

Uber Announces Uber Health

Uber, everyone’s favourite car-sharing service, recently announced a new healthcare transportation service, simply called Uber Health. The announcement comes after years of Uber being criticized for their failure to accommodate people with physical disabilities, though it’s unclear if this new service will directly address customers with disabilities. The company has faced a wave of lawsuits recently for disability discrimination in numerous US states. Let’s hope this new service allows people of all abilities to enjoy the convenience of Uber.


Blog Recap:

In case you’ve missed any of our recent blog posts, we’re always updating the Recite Me site with our latest news and events. This month, we’ve been sharing lots of helpful information on recruitment and employment including a digital inclusion guide in collaboration with Guidant Group. We also shared Guidant Group’s journey to becoming a Disability Confident recruiter, we welcomed new clients and heard their stories including Dyslexia Advantage and Ward Hadaway,  and we look at how the future of technology will support disabilities at this year’s Business Disability Forum Technology Taskforce Showcase.

To keep up with all of the latest news and events, head to or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a story!


Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) Awards Ceremony - 15th March

The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) believes that actions speak louder than words. The RIDI Awards therefore celebrates and recognizes the best practices in the recruitment of disabled people through lead recruiters and employers. The awards also encourage all other recruitment agencies to become Disability Confident employers by opening up opportunities to the widest possible audience. The RIDI Awards ceremony, which took place on 15th March, included ten categories which promoted and celebrated disability recruitment. Read all about the winners here.

BDA International Conference 2018 - 12th-14th April 2018, Telford

The British Dyslexia Association International Conference will explore the many ways in which scientific research can make a practical impact on supporting individuals with dyslexia. Events at the conference will include keynote speakers, including renowned professors from Harvard and Cambridge, as well as classes, demonstrations and conversations around best practices within different sectors.


The following is a comprehensive list of contacts and resources that you can turn to, many of whom are friends or clients of Recite Me. We believe these contacts will be helpful for our audience who are in the accessibility industry, or anyone who has a connection to dyslexia, visual impairments or learning disabilities. We hope you find these resources useful.

International Dyslexia Association - @dyslexiaIDA

The British Assistive Technology Association - @BATAOnline

British Dyslexia Association - @BDAdyslexia

Dyslexia Foundation - @DyslexiaFound

Disability First - @DisabilityFirst

The Brite Initiative - @BRITEinitiative

Age UK - @age_uk

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children - @ridbc

Dyslexic Advantage - @dyslexicadv


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