Is your website ready to help ALL your customers book their summer breaks? Is your website ready to help ALL your customers book their summer breaks?

Is your website ready to help ALL your customers book their summer breaks?

Posted on: by Toni Rayner. Operations & Marketing

The UK has been enjoying some glorious weather lately.

The sunshine has brought out lots of day-trippers, with people across the UK making visits to beaches, parks and other attractions to enjoy the warm weather.

The start of the summer sun will also get people thinking about their transport plans for the summer holidays.

And the UK is forecast to receive 38.1 million visits in 2017 from overseas tourists, an annual increase of four per cent.

These visitors are predicted to have a combined spend of £24.1 billion and take a staggering number of journeys throughout the UK using public transport.

For example, there are 138 million train journeys taken by visitors to the UK per month – that’s 3,100 trains per minute, 192,000 per hour and 4.6 million per day!

Is your website accessible for all of your customers?

But if your customers want to book a journey on your transport website, is the site really accessible for all of them?

Web accessibility is often overlooked, but if your website doesn’t have a translation option, plus accessibility tools that cater for disabled people, then you could be losing out on a lot of business.

For example, nearly 20 per cent of the UK population (around 12 million people) have a disability of some kind.

And often disabilities, such as dyslexia or visual impairments, can mean that unless web accessibility has been factored into design, people with these conditions struggle to access web content.

That means they may not be able to plan a route on your website, or access key travel information, or buy a ticket.

An easy web accessibility solution

But there is a quick and easy solution that you can implement now to make sure your website is ready to serve ALL of your customers this summer. It’s called Recite Me.

Transport organisations like Gatwick Airport and Arriva Bus UK already use Recite Me to quickly and easily translate the entire content of their website site into 103 different languages at the click of a button.

Recite Me also makes website accessible for disabled people.

Recite Me’s custom toolbar can offer your customers a variety of options to change the format of your website to a way that works best for them, based on their needs.

For example, your customers can use Recite Me to do things such as increase or decrease font sizes, change the font colour and background colour contrast, select a text only version of the site, or have the text read aloud (including PDFs).

Try Recite Me for free on your transport website

If you want to find out how you can make your transport website more accessible using Recite Me book an appointment for a product demonstration and your free 30-day trial now.




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